Rollin with the SPOT watch

Well I took the plunge and went with Swatches new SPOT watch which uses FM radio bands to send you all kinds of configurable information like Local News, International News, Stocks, Instant Messages, Weather in your area. So basically here is the deal its pretty funny that I have one of these because I am not a big fan of Microsoft however I have to say my experience with this watch has been pretty good. You take it out of the box and go to a website to configure what service package you want and configure your area and what services you want. It's all pretty easy and the watch starts recieving broadcast within minutes.

As my friend Matt was so kind to point out they are not exactly the best looking watches but I feel they have a certain geek chic appeal. The thing that sucks about the messages is of course you can get them only no sending at all - there should be a way to send stock replies like "yes" or "no" or "see you soon" and whatnot. But all and all I would have to say that this is a cool watch. I first heard about these watches on the gadget kings website. He has all sorts of cool hacks running that I will never have the time or will to get done but still uber cool. The only gripe that I really had with it is adjusting the band is a real pain. It says on the website they will adjust it at the Swatch store. When I asked them to adjust mine they told me that you just cut away the preferated lats on the end pop the pin out and adjust it. They made is sound super easy ..well the rubber was really hard to cut and it didn't cut clean honestly it was a pain in the ass. The thing comes the size of a boa constricter maybe they figure its such a big watch only big people will buy it or something. Anyways I have been teased a lot because its Microsoft service provided..Whatever its still pretty cool...CHEEEEEEERS

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